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Is Assisted Living a Good Option for Senior in Denver?

Assisted Living Facilities are a great choice for you if you don’t need extensive medical care but need occasional help in doing basic tasks. Assisted living also has doctors and nurses in case of some emergency. They also have well trained staff available round the clock for cooking meals, cleaning & washing and medication are (not high-end though).


Senior Care Facilities in Denver

Assisted Living Facilities and their services vary from place to place. However, the common thing among all the best  Colorado is the freedom they offer. The residents are independent to live in a small apartment with a full-fledged kitchen. Single bedroom units with attached bathrooms are also available. Apart from these, there are shared rooms available (they cost lesser then single occupancy rooms). The apartments are most of the time, well-furnished and equipped with good furniture. Emergency help is available on a phone call only. Meals are served in common dining halls, though you can also take your meals in your personal room (in case you have a genuine disability or issue). Common rooms are available in the facilities so that the seniors can sit together and enjoy some time together to boost social relationships. Recreational activities are available in the facility. For book-worms, they have libraries and computer rooms. Gymnasiums are also available to keep the seniors physically fit. How Does Colorado Medicaid Pay for Assisted Living

Services Available

The basic services include three times meal a day, housekeeping management by the staff, transportation is available on weekly or daily basis as required by the resident, help in daily tasks like bathing or dressing, medication care & management, security round the clock. The security ensures that your loved ones stay safe.

Most of the facilities offer some additional facilities also. Entertainment events are scheduled and recreational activities are available on a regular basis. Medical specialists also pay visits to the facilities in Denver.


Costs of the assisted living facilities in Denver Colorado vary from facility to facility. Similarly, the rooms and communities also differ by facility to facility. Generally, the costs are between $1000 and $5000 per month. Most of the facilities charge extra money for additional services they offer. Though, the assisted living facilities seem costly but they are less-expensive than home care or nursing care. They help you cut down your costs. Before choosing assisted living facilities, you have to know the pricing plans of the facility.

If you are facing problems in choosing the right assisted living facilities for your seniors, and then let Stacys Helping Hand, Inc do this job for you. They will assist you to choose the best assisted living option for your seniors. 


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